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Dog Breed in Pakistan

People in Pakistan have a great love for pets, and dogs are the most reliable and honest companions to humans since times immemorial. The dog breeds in Pakistan are generally massive in size and make up the best guard dogs. These breeds are famous around the world too.

The top three breeds are:

1) Bully Kutta

Bully Kutta

Weight Male: 70–89kg (150-170 lbs)
Female: 60–70 kg (130-150 lbs)
Height Male: 30-44 inches (76–86 cm)
Female: 28-36 inches (75–80 cm)
Life Expectancy 6-13 Years
Coat very short, smooth, and plain.
Color Brindle, Brown, White, Piebald, or Black.


Also known as “Indian or Pakistan mastiff,” these are thick-boned with a muscular structure, a broad head, and the tail tapering to an excellent point. They can be identified by their wrinkled faces, and the color of their nose is black, and their chest is vast. Bully dogs are ranked 4th in the strongest dog breeds and among the top 10 most giant dog breeds.


  • This is a brilliant and dominant dog breed who is fearless as well.
  • They are excellent guards.
  • These are territorial to such an extent that as soon as they spot other dogs entering their territory, they attack them.

2) Gull Terrier

Gull Terrier

Weight Male: 25–29 kg(55–65 lbs)
Female: 20–25 kg (45–55 lbs)
Height Male: 18–22 inches (46–56 cm)
Female: 18–22 inches (46–56 cm)
Life Expectancy 10–14 years
Coat white, smooth, and short.
Color White


Gull Terrier is a tall, medium-sized, broad-chested Molosser type of dog breed that is most commonly found in Pakistan. These dogs have a magnificent structure and need proper exercise in their daily routine. They are also famous for their speed, agility, and skill.


  • These are fearless breeds of dogs that need a competent and experienced owner to train and control; otherwise, they can turn out really violent.
  • They are a mighty, protective, and loyal dog breed to their owner and get suspicious on seeing a stranger.
  • Their behavior can be quite aggressive with the other dogs because they were used in dogfighting in the past.

3) Bhagyari Kutta

Bhagyari Kutta

Weight 35 - 45 kg (77 - 99 pounds)
Height Male: 24 - 25 inches (61 - 64 cms)
Female: 20 - 24 inches (50 - 61cms)
Life Expectancy Approximately 8-10 years.
Coat Black and tan, but can be gold, white, which is rare but does occur.
Color Colors may vary across regions.


These are also known as “Pakistani Shepherd Dogs” and are sturdy and muscular dogs with round and black eyes, and the sole of their legs is very hard, which backs them while running. These were initially bred as sheepherders and flock guardians.


  • They are dedicated to their owners, willing to do everything to protect property and their masters.
  • They are courageous, dedicated to their work, fearless, and alert.
  • They need owners who are authoritative over the dog in a calm, but firm and consistent way.

4) Gull Dong

Gull Dong

Weight Male: 25–39 kg (55–85 lbs)
Female: 20–29 kg(45–65 lbs)
Height Male: 18–22 inches (46–56 cm)
Female: 18–22 inches (46–56 cm)
Life Expectancy 10–14 years
Coat Short and dense
Color White, White with occasional black spots, Black, Grey, Brindle


  • Loyal and intelligent
  • Aggressive and strong-willed.
  • Efficient and active guard dog.

5) Vikhan Sheepdog

Vikhan Sheepdog

Weight Male: 45 - 47 kgs (99 - 104 pounds)
Female: 42 - 46 kgs (92 - 102 pounds)
Height Male: 25 - 27 inches (66 - 68 cm)
Female: 25 - 26 inches (64 - 66 cm)
Life Expectancy 6 - 8 Years
Coat long and shaggy
Color fawn, black, brown


  • Aggressive
  • Courageous
  • Intelligent
  • Territorial

6) Afghan Hound

Afghan Hound

Weight 20–27 kg (44–60 lbs)
Height 25–27 inches (61–74 cm)
Life Expectancy 12-15 years
Coat Long and fine
Color Fawn, Gold, Brindle, White, Red, Cream, Blue, Gray and Tricolor


  • Aloof and dignified
  • Happy and clownish while playing
  • Territorial


Dog breeds in Pakistan are undoubtedly intelligent and have an observant eye for everything. These breeds are empathetic to their closed ones but aggressive, which needs a lot of interaction to keep them mingled with society.